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How to Build a Successful and Trusted Business in the Gems and Jewellery Industry?

4Cs to building your career in the gems and jewellery industry.

Far East Gem Institute is committed to helping our students build a strong foundation for their career in the jewellery industry. Since our founding in 1988, we have trained more than 1000 business owners, jewellery professionals, gems enthusiasts and collectors, as well as general public who are professionals in their own field. Through our teaching, coaching and continual guidance, many of our graduates have built successful careers and/or businesses in the gems and jewellery industry. Understanding fully the needs and requirement of the industry, we have designed a program that gives our students insights to two aspects: gemmology and business. Putting these two aspects together, we have the 4C way to build your career in the gems and jewellery business.

1) Clarity through Consultation

At some point in our career, we have to ask ourselves these questions – Where am I now? What do I want to see myself doing in the next 3 years? Why am I doing what I am doing now? Is there more to what I am doing currently? How can I increase my value? What are some of the skills I want to develop further?

These are critical questions that most professionals and business owners ask themselves from time to time. Through consultation sessions with our trainers, you can get better clarity in your job role, career and even for yourself as a person. Our trainers are committed to encourage, empower and educate each individual.

2) Credibility through Certification

For the past 17 years, Far East Gem Institute has been providing quality gemological education to the gems and jewellery industry. These includes Gemstone Identification course, Diamond Grading Course, Jade course and internationally recognised courses such as HRDAntwerp Certified Diamond Grader and Gem-A Certificate in Gemmology courses. Many of our graduates have gone through all the courses we provide and are actively using the skills and knowledge that they acquire in their workplace and business.

With proper education and qualifications, you are able to present yourself to be credible and build a trusted business in the gems and jewellery industry. You not only have the papers to show your customers, you are also more confident in what you are doing.

3) Connection through Networking

In recent years, we have also started our alumni networking nights and gemological field trips. As our students join in our events and field trips, they begin to expand their networks and have strong connections to various people in the industry pipeline. They build up good relationships with suppliers, gem laboratories and also customers. We open up the way for you to build meaningful relationships inside and outside of the industry. Connection is essential for you to be successful and thrive in this industry.

4) Commitment through Diligence

Environments dictates performance. We constantly encourage and motivate our students to be diligent in updating themselves with the latest information in the trade. It is important to be committed to the people you work with, people you deal with, your customers and most importantly, yourself. We provide the skills, knowledge and platform for you to perform. The two key aspects that we train and coach are gemological aspect and business aspect. In each aspect, we provide frequent workshops for students to attend. On top of that, we have a blog page – Insights – that we provide articles, tips and experience for you to take reference, so you won’t feel lonely in this journey of building your career.


We want to celebrate your success! Whether as a business owner, or a manager in your company, we want to see you through this journey of the 4C. We believe in creating success stories and we are sure you feel the same!

Do not hesitate to send us an email or give us a call if you have any burning questions for us!

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