There are 3 major problems that most consumers face…

Since 1988, we have been training the jewellers, business owners and gem lovers in the study of gemstones. Gemstones are beautiful, rare, valuable and very frequently quite ‘mysterious’. Most people face the issue about knowing the authenticity of the gemstone, quality grading of the gem and the evaluation of the gemstone.

The Solution?

We have thus compiled a simple “10 Steps to Gem Identification” free e-book for those who wants to learn more about gem testing and how to identify gemstones.We hope that this free e-book is “Where Gemology Comes Alive” for you!

This ebook contains:

  • Step-by-step explanation to each of the gem identification process
  • Lots of pictures to show how each equipment works
  • Other resources for you to carry on your learning journey
Download our free e-book “10 Steps to Gem Identification”
gemology book

Far East Gem Institute has put together a free e-book “10 Steps to Gem Identification” for the gem lovers. To understand value well, one needs to know the identity of the gem, followed by its quality. This e-book can help you kick start the knowledge to identify gemstones.

Download e-book HERE!