8 Days Jade Course gives you the skills and knowledge to identify treatment of jade and to differentiate jadeite from imitations.

“Learnt alot from Mr Tay Thye Sun. Excellent knowledge & alot of experiences which he shared & we cannot get from books. Generous with samples and sharing.” – Josephine Tay, Retail Operation Training Manager (Jade Course)

“Excellent course which I enjoyed. Enough technical substance ad practical work to keep it useful. Substantial and interactive. Good content that is linked to the commercial aspects of buying/selling Jade.” – Leong Sue Ling, Jewellery Shop Owner (Jade Course)

8 Days Identify and Grade Diamond course teaches you how to grade the 4Cs of a polished diamond. The course also covers the skills and knowledge to identify diamonds from imitation and synthetic diamonds. Also to recognise treated diamonds.

“Love it. From zero knowledge to slightly full knowledge.” – Marvella Ong, F&B Owner (Diamond Grading Course)

“Great course. It was informative and practical, allowing each person to do practical in her own time.” – Caroline Peach Gerhmann, Financial Advisor (Diamond Grading Course)

Microscopic image of “Lily-pad” Inclusion in peridot. 8 Days Identify Gemstone course provides more than 500 samples for you to examine and learn the technique and science of gem testing. You will learn to identify and authenticate common gemstones in the market.

“Good lecturer, good teaching method.” – April Cheong Nean Chee, Student (Gemstone Course)

“Very good introduction to the gems. Information is thorough.” – Jeannie Toh, Bank Operation Assistant (Gemstone Course)